i’ll follow y’all if u promise not to blow up my spot and tell everyone about how much i make fun of whites when i blow up ok???

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#check yr followers ok

i remade my follow count is too big 4 my britches

Anonymous: What are your favorite things to do in your free time


Drinkin on the low mobbin on the low fuckin on the low smokin on the low plottin on the low schemin on the low

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From Kickstarter:

Pier Kids: The Life is a documentary film about the Black street culture which thrives on Christopher Street and its piers

At the age of sixteen, I was pushed out of my mother’s home because of my sexual orientation and was subsequently forced to live on the streets of New York. I was lucky though. On my first night, I happened upon a group of black gay men and I followed them to the piers at the edge of the West Village. Little did I know that I had found my spiritual home.

Today, white upper-class families make the West Village their home; but as day turns to night, Christopher Street and its adjacent piers also become home to a transient yet vibrant street community known as the Pier Kids. Forming a significant yet invisible network, the Pier Kids are a queer and transgender community of predominately Black and Latino descent representing nearly four thousand of New York City’s sixteen thousand registered homeless youth. Left to wander and with few economic opportunities, the lives of these social refugees are beset with limited and harrowing options as money and food are everyday struggles. Through it all – or, perhaps, because of it all – hope still exists in the shadows of their neglect and abandonment.

Pier Kids: The Life follows the stories of three young people:

DeSean has been homeless for the past four years but considers the piers his “playground, office, [and] living room”;

Krystal arrived in the West Village after she spent years searching for a place she could finally be herself—a beautiful black transgender woman;

and Casper made Christopher Street his home away from home and in doing so found a safe haven away from the homophobic glare of his black community’s scornful gaze.

Together, these three people weave a surprisingly complex story of love, family, exploitation, and hope. But it’s more than the story of three. It’s the story of thousands.

Funding ends 2/12/13.

The creators of Pier Kids canceled their original fundraiser after they only raised around $1000 of their $30,000 goal. I know why most of you aren’t paying attention to this: it’s a movie about queer and trans people of color, most of whom are homeless, but this only got 100 notes in almost a year.

Seriously. What the fuck? Does it really take a bunch of mainstream people and sites to pick this up before you pay attention? Why can’t something like this, made by us about us, get more attention from us??

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who young is too young to learn about carrie mae weems????

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focusing my energy into cultivating a xenia: dancehall princess aesthetic

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the D’angel v Ishawna celebrity clash everybody is talking about

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i don’t have work today and i live someplace where it gets freezing cold sorry i’m out here TRYNA LIVE

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its so nice outside i can’t decide if i want to work on lesson plans or go sprinting at the beach ;_;

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#imma do both!!

“Since you want to hashtag it so much, you’re more than welcome to come to the night.” Her response was, “I’ll think about it,” and she rolled her eyes.

*west indian dad voice* SHE’S RAAANK

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#i'm still in2 her mullet


GHE20 GOTH1K founder VENUS X on Rihanna's stealing from ghetto goth culture:

“GHE20 GOTH1K is extremely political. It’s not about expensive clothes…. She’s a parasite—that’s what pop stars are these days.”

i’m mad y’all had the gall to compare ghetto goth to seapunk. one of these things is not like the otherrrrrrr!!

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Sadiya Guèye, 1991


Bacon ain’t even all that.

white ppl will literally wrap shit in bacon instead of properly spicing and marinating smh

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blackfemdomdotcom replied to your post: I stan M.I.A. but I reall…

ia i love her but sometimes when she talks abt black ppl i’m like… like when she mentions the masta ace reference and how she doesn’t think “black boy turn yr shit down” is representative of the culture now. i want to ask “in regards to what?”

omg when did she say that?!!?!?!?! that’s just obtuse for no reason and she knows too much about black people to say shit like that. she’s unacceptable when she starts talking about race…

The whole idea of “brown girl, turn your shit down, go back to India…” and all that. Was that something that really flared up after the Superbowl? Were you hearing that a lot after all the controversy with the halftime show? 
More than before? Hmmm.. You know, it’s a reference to “Born to Roll,” Masta Ace. He said “Black Boy, black boy, turn that shit down.’ And I felt like in 2013, that was no longer the case. Me and Hit-Boy talked about that. I was, like, an “other.” [con’t]

yeah there’s plenty of shit she’s done that makes go “but why tho” b/c i can’t understand how someone so smart and generally on point has such cognitive blindspots. she’s still sf important 2 me but… :/

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M.I.A. x The Partysquad x KENZO - “Y.A.L.A.” (Official Video)

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